Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top 10 reasons I love my hubby this week

I'm lucky to say I have a great husband.  Yes, he's a typical man and has his flaws (do they even know that socks can go into the hamper??).  But as far as the male species goes, he's a catch.
This week alone he's proven it to me in many ways.

1. This morning he was making breakfast.  (When he's home, he makes breakfast.  I have to admit, if he didn't my children wouldn't know that you could actually cook food in the morning.)  I made the brilliant decision to bring the baby in the kitchen and try to talk to Hubs as he was cooking.  Baby grabbed the egg carton and pulled it off the counter before I could even react.  Of course all the eggs cracked on the floor and made a huge mess.  Only one egg was safe.  The one Hubs had already taken out of the carton.  So we clean up the mess and Hubs continues to cook.  He ends up making an omelette with the lone egg for me, with toast and turkey bacon. He makes pancakes with the last of the box of pancake mix for the kids, and fixes himself a bowl of cereal.  Yes, that's right, he gave me the last egg and he ate cereal.

2.  We decided to take the older kids to Cedar Point for a day while my stepson is here visiting.  He is 15 and has never been on a roller coaster.  My baby girl is 10 and had only been on the Goofy roller coaster at Disney.  So we thought it would be a good trip for them.  Luckily my mom was willing to watch the little kids so we could have a nice outing and focus on the big kids and give them some much needed attention that doesn't involve taking breaks for diaper changes.  My wonderful Hubs drove the almost 200 miles there, even though he drives for a living and this was his vacation, too.  While we were at the park, he rode a couple rides until he got a little motion sickness.  Even though he wasn't feeling great he walked the park with us and sat and waited while the kids rode whatever rides they wanted.  He didn't complain, he didn't want to go home early, he just enjoyed watching the kids have fun.  He even went on all 3 water rides, even though he doesn't like them.  And, he even found me the vendor that sells chocolate covered frozen bananas.  My favorite treat that I haven't had in years.  Then, he drove all the way home after our big day, even though he was just as tired as the rest of us.

3.  My sister in law (his sister) had a Mary Kay party last night.  Hubs brought all the kids over to my in laws and watched them and my nieces so SIL and I could have fun without little kids getting into things.  He took them all out for dinner, and then kept them occupied and out of the way.  He didn't even blink an eye at how much I bought.

4.  He's adopting my baby girl.  I met him when my baby was just 14 months old.  Her bio-father has never been in the picture.  In fact, he's never met her or given me a dime.  I married Hubs when she was three and he's provided for her ever since.  He's raised her as his own, and has been more of a father to her than I could ever hope for.  They have an amazing bond.  And now we're making him officially her dad.  She can't wait to have the same last name as her Daddy.  As far as they are concerned, it's just a technicality, but it's a big step to me.  To have him say that for the rest of her life, he'll be there for her.  Of course, bio-loser is fighting us and we have to take it all to court.  But Hubs is right there by my side through the whole process.  How many guys are willing to do the same?  Not many.

5.  Right now, he's playing with the little kids while I sit on the couch and type away.  :)

6.  He's been so understanding of whatever I've had to deal with.  After the baby was born (and yes, he's 2, but he's still my baby) I had very bad postpartum depression.  In fact, it took me almost 2 years to work though it.  I still have to take my meds and still have days that I'm not at my best.  Through it all, Hubs has been there for me.  He's been patient with my mood swings, he's given me tough love when I needed it, and let me cry it out when I needed to.  He's encouraged me when I didn't want to get therapy or take meds.  He's let me get sleep when I've been sleep deprived to the point of delirium.  He's just been the best I could ask for.  This week was pretty rough.  Hubs had been gone for a long time on the road, the little boys had been extra cranky and decided that they were going to fight until only one survived.  The baby was having a stage of fighting sleep, which meant mama wasn't getting any sleep.  Which meant by the time Hubs came home I was reaching the end of my rope.  He ended up taking all the kids out of the house so I could get a nap in a quiet house.  Just what I needed to recharge so I could be a better mama.

7.  He convinced me to end a toxic friendship.  He's listened to me complain for years about how I was getting treated by a friend.  (Well, he looked like he was listening most of the tims at least.)  And recently, when I'd had enough, he convinced me to end it once and for all.  It was so nice to know I had his support during such a hard time.

8.  He's a cutie.  I admit it, he's like wine, he's getting better with age.  I tease him about his grey hair and his growing forehead, but the truth is, he's more handsome then ever.  I'm more in love with him every day.

9.  He works hard.  Hubs is a truck driver, as I've mentioned before.  He works long hours, does hard work loading and unloading cars every day, and is rarely home.  But he does it all for us.  He works hard so that the kids have what they need and I can stay home with my babies.

10.  He loves me for me and accepts me the way I am.  He's been there for all my ups and downs.  He's put up with my crazy obsessions.  And at the end of the day, he still loves me.  He insists that I look better without makeup.  And he swears he doesn't notice when I gain a pound or twenty.

And that is why I love him.  :)

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